Yarran’s huge six-goal haul helps seal win for Bulldogs

Yarran’s huge six-goal haul helps seal win for Bulldogs

Bianca Lee Austin is caught by a Cobra.

The undefeated Kelmscott Bulldogs Women took on the bite of the fourth-placed Cockburn Cobras.

The last time these two faced each other was the first game of the season, and the Cobras didn’t get on the scoreboard, eventually losing by 59.

It was a different start to the Round 10 game with Kelmscott only managing three points in the first quarter, and Cockburn having their chances in the forward 50.

Coaching staff Daniel Slob said Maddie Barnes and Samantha Shepard were the key players that cut off the Cobras’ advances.

Zalie Betts tries hard to shrug off a tackle.

During the second quarter, and after a reasonable spray from coach Bill Hansen, Kelmscott had again found their game-winning form and the goals started flowing.

There was one goal each to Anna-Shae Michael, Taliesha Walley, Michelle Watson, and Aleshea Stack.

And another huge tally of six goals went to forward, Summer Yarran, who sits equal top spot on the competition’s goal-kicking leaderboard.

The Bulldogs Women’s team now sit two games clear on the premiership ladder with Whitford defeating second-placed Koongamia over the weekend.

Local Derby opponent Gosnells now sits one game shy of second spot.

Cockburn Womens 0.5 (5) lost to Kelmscott 8.9 (57).

Summer Yarran sits equal top of the goal-scoring leader board after another epic six-goal tally.


A home game for the young Colts team meant plenty of opportunity to regain some momentum seen earlier in the season as they hosted Collegians.

With four wins out of the 10, the Bulldogs have been in a battle for an opportunity at fifth and fourth spot, with only seven more games left in the season.

The new Colts team missed the early start and didn’t take advantage of missed scoring opportunities, kicking six points and only one goal in the first quarter.

Ben O’Shaughnessy, Timana Tucker and Malakai Isaacs all got one goal each, and Dean Pankhurst kicked two. Despite a four-goal lead at half time against them, Kelmscott corrected the kicking accuracy and kept up with their opponents.

Kelmscott 6.11 (47) were defeated by Collegians 9.7 (61)


Saturday saw a rebirth of the Reserves of old – such a vigorous effort and enthusiasm for a win hasn’t been seen since the Reserves played in the finals in 2021.

Sitting ninth on the ladder from 12, the Reserves might not have finals contention in reach, but a win like Saturday could give them a last-minute dash to the finish.

With two wins each, it was anyone’s game as Kelmscott travelled to Dianella Morley. But Kelmscott were off the starter blocks early and kicked five unanswered goals in the first quarter.

Backman Tyler Martin said he was finding himself daydreaming as the Bulldogs centremen pumped it forward off the hands of sensational young ruckman Malakye Hansen.

It’s not often forward players show effects from lagging fitness, but centre half forward Brennan Fricker was blowing hard from the relentless bombardment as his team mates kicked away.

One goal went the way of Brayden Abraham, with two each for Brendan Edwards and Kaylan Hayward, three for dropped league player Kyle Collard, and a strong four for returning player Nabby David Jones.

But it was the young gun Jason Green who earned Best on Ground with five goals. Coach Travis Burgess was quick to commend the boys, the Bulldogs song could be heard from miles away after one of the team’s biggest victories in a long time.

Dianella 3.4 (22) mauled by Kelmscott 17.10 (112).


The Kelmscott League team sits top of the ladder, equal in wins to Kenwick and Coolbellup, whilst Whitford and SNESA battle for fourth spot.

With only one win in the bag, Dianella Morley weren’t expected to put up much fight. However, the ball went up and Dianella jumped on the charge using their younger pace in the middle.

The first goal rattled the Bulldogs, and before they could reset, the ball was back in the Bulldogs backline.

The crowd spurred them on as veteran ‘White Lightning’ Robbie Turner returned to the League wing after years in reserve.

But the game-turning moment came from Corey Hansen and Angus Yarran who lifted the team with second and third efforts.

There was a big show from Rodney Jetta who got two in for the Bulldogs and brought them back into the lead.

That was about where it finished for Dianella, with three Bulldog Colts arriving in time for the second, bringing their unmatched speed.

Veteran Lawrence Hansen took a big mark in the 50, but missed two chances in the first half.

It didn’t matter though, as he continued to set up the forwards; wingman Jacob Bromfield with two, and one each to captain William Walley, Hayden Eades, Taiawhio Morrison and Revis Alone.

Playing coach Shannon Collard was keen to get his goal, refusing to come off for rotations as assistant coaching legend ‘Jumping Jack’ Ray Witt tried to drag him.

There was another chance for Lawrence in the third and again in the fourth, tallying up five points.

But it was Rodney Jetta with a huge nine goals who ran the game away.

With just one minute to go, Lawrence Hansen was again in possession. A big kick, and finally, the goal the team were chasing came home.

Dianella announced Kelmscott’s Revis Alone as the Match Best.

Dianella 3.2 (20) lost to Kelmscott 19.10 (124)

There’ll be home games this Saturday at John Dunn, with The Bulldogs Women against Canning Vale from 10.45am, the Reserves at 12.30 and League at 2:30pm against Whitford, and from 4:25pm Integrated will take on Swan Districts. Colts play away at Rossmoyne from 1:00pm.

Photographs – Richard Polden.

Cheyenne Hayden gets one away before a tackle.