Mixed views on who will win Canning

Mixed views on who will win Canning

Bree from Kelmscott will vote for the candidate she thinks is most genuine.

With the Canning by-election fast approaching on September 19, journalists Amy Blom and Hamish Hastie took to the streets of Armadale and Byford to hear what people were thinking about the election and who they would vote for. The seat became vacant in July when sitting member Don Randall died unexpectedly.

Bree, 21, Kelmscott

“I know nothing about the government, I hate it all but I will definitely think about this election though,” she said.

“The candidates need to tell me how they’re going to help the community and who is most genuine.”

Ken, Oakford

Ken, Oakford
Ken, Oakford

Oakford resident Ken said he didn’t know much about the Canning by-election candidates and while he was leaning towards voting Liberal, he may end up tossing a coin.
He said candidates should work to emulate the late Don Randall.

“He (Mr Randall) was an old school guy so I think he probably didn’t follow the party line exactly, he probably did a few things on his own and got away with it because he’d been there a long time,” he said.

“You need those sorts of guys a bit, people who can think for themselves and he was a people person.”

Fred, 79, Armadale

“We’ve always voted Liberal but I’m an ex-navy man and (Liberal candidate Andrew Hastie) is an ex-serviceman so I’m going to vote for him anyway.

“Only because he’s seen a bit of life around and he’s not a lawyer.”

Aiden, Byford

Aiden, Byford
Aiden, Byford

Living in the electorate was important but not necessary for a federal member of parliament according to Byford resident Aiden Hoey.

“It certainly helps and it’s nice to have (state member for Darling Range) Tony Simpson right here and know that you can stick your head in the door and talk to him,” he said.

“I would hope our federal member would be proactive, like Alannah MacTiernan, she’s a battle axe and she gets things done.”

He was unsure who he would vote for because he didn’t particularly like either Liberal or Labor party leaders.

Wayne, Mt Nasura

Wayne, Mount Nasura
Wayne, Mount Nasura

“I’m not voting Liberal. I don’t like how they are, never have. The Prime Minister that we have at the moment lies a lot I guess.”

Steve, 55, Kelmscott

“There’s too much bulldust that goes on with politics, I just want a politician that does the right thing,” he said.

“I’d like the new guy who takes over from Don, who was a strong member, to fill his shoes but bring a bit of new strength and transparency. I’m still undecided but I will know in a few days.”

Eliza-Jane, Canada

Eliza-Jane, Canada, will be voting but was interested in the by-election.
Eliza-Jane, Canada, will be voting but was interested in the by-election.

“I think we vote and hope too much for our leaders when we should just be doing the work ourselves, it could just be helping out our fellow neighbour,” she said.

“For me a pretty face and nice words is not a leader to me. I’d vote for the one that seems the most honest.”

Sue, 61, Kelmscott

“I’m not happy with Liberals but I don’t think Labor’s much different from Liberals now,” she said.

“I will sway my vote because I feel it’s the only way I can get my voice across, if you keep voting for the two big ones, how are you going to let them know you’re not happy with what they’re doing?”

“I think it’s going to be Palmer.”

Rick, 43, Armadale

Rick, Armadale.
Rick, Armadale.

“I think they could improve their surveillance of areas like Jull Street mall,” he said.

“I think they need to have a better burn off program to stop big fires like the one we had a couple of years ago.

“Economically, I think working for the dole is a good idea as long as it’s a couple of days per week and they provide transport to be able to get to these places.

“If they worked for the dole and did environmental things, cleaned out a river, even graffiti removal or something to clean up the place it’s probably a good thing.”