Voters turn out to bring about change

Voters turn out to bring about change

Ben Kunze has been elected Deputy Mayor of the City of Canning.

A relatively strong voter turnout has produced significant change at the City of Canning, with three new councillors elected and a new Deputy Mayor appointed.

Across the wards of Mason, Bannister, Beeliar, Beelo and Nicholson, 56,018 voting packages were delivered by the Western Australian Electoral Commission, with 16,573, or 29.58 per cent, returned – a strong performance in a local government election.

Two councillors, Bannister’s Amanda Spencer-Teo and Beelo’s Sara Saberi, were returned to council.

Ms Spencer-Teo polled more 1,789 more voted than her rival Michael Hall, an incredible 73.53 per cent of the popular vote.

Ms Saberi’s contest in Beelo was closer, but not by much – her 1,302 voted put her more than 700 votes ahead of Bruce Henderson.

The real action was in Beeliar, Mason and Nicholson, with councillors Graham Barry (Mason), Yaso Ponnuthari (Beeliar) and Tim Porter (Nicholson) ousted.

In their place come in Hardeep Singh in Mason, Steve Parkinson in Nicholson and Paul Tuceck in Beeliar – all backed by Mayor Patrick Hall.

Mr Singh garnered 1,369 to Mr Barry’s 920, Mr Parkinson defeated Mr Porter and Rav John 666 votes to 560 each and Mr Tucek ousted Ms Ponnuthurai 2040 voted to 1807.

On Monday night, council gathered to swear in the new councillors and to elect a new deputy mayor.

Sitting deputy Jesse Jacobs chose not to renominate, with Lindsay Holland and Ben Kunze putting their names forward.

Ultimately it was Mr Kunze who prevailed in the secret ballot.