Vandals threaten nature reserve

Vandals threaten nature reserve

Friends of Brickwood Reserve members Karl Titelius and Eileen Davis. Photograph – Richard Polden.

Volunteers who spend countless hours preserving several threatened species within the Brickwood Reserve in Byford are frustrated that vandals are continually cutting the boundary fences.

Friends of the Brickwood Reserve founder Eileen Davis said she regularly hears trail bike riders ‘going like the clappers’ through the reserve crushing plants and ruining the reserve.

“These riders could be picking up things like weed seeds from outside of the site on their bike tyres and then entering into the reserve and affecting the native fauna and flora,” she said.

“They are degrading the pathways and the native animals that are in the reserve are obviously going to be disturbed.”

Ms Davis said the fence had been snipped a number of times along Turner and Warrington roads and Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale staff had been trying to fix the problem for years.

President Michelle Rich said shire officers had recently made significant repairs to the fence line however it had since been re-damaged and required further work.

“Illegal trail bike riding threatens native flora and fauna, causes soil erosion and creates noise and dust pollution,” she said.

“There are areas throughout the shire designated for off-road vehicles and we strongly encourage riders to use those areas instead of showing such blatant disregard for public property and the environment.”

Anyone who witnesses an off-road vehicle in a park, reserve or protected area was urged to call the shire on 9526 1136.

Witnesses are also encouraged to call the police on 131 444.

These activities are offences under the Road Traffic Act.