To be or not to be

To be or not to be

Last year’s Canning Shakespeare Competition winner Laura Kendall.

The 2017 Canning Shakespeare Competition is now open to all Canning students in years 10 to 12.

Sponsored by Federal member for Canning Andrew Hastie and Senator Dean Smith, students will be required to submit a video of up to two and a half minutes of their monologue performance taken from one of Shakespeare’s plays.

Mr Hastie said there was a rich cultural heritage in the work of William Shakespeare in Australia.

“This competition is about encouraging young people to explore art and performance through the work of one of history’s most important playwrights,” he said.

“I’m a Shakespeare fan.

“Shakespeare captures the full spectrum of human character and emotion and his works tell many timeless truths.”

Mr Hastie said it was important for young people to explore these truths and appreciate the cultural heritage of Shakespeare.

Last year’s winner and former Carey Baptist College student in Harrisdale, Laura Kendall said the Canning Shakespeare Competition was an amazing opportunity for her.

“It was an opportunity to perform in front of a live audience,” she said.

“This helped me conquer my nerves which helped me prepare for my year 12 drama ATAR exams later in the year.”

Ms Kendall said she performed a monologue from Cymbeline.

“I played Princess Imogen,” she said.

“She disguises herself as a man in order to search for her exiled husband and true love.”

Ms Kendall, who is currently studying a Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Vocals at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts said she would strongly encourage students to give the competition a go.

“I had so much fun and it was definitely worth it,” she said.

“I actually almost didn’t enter because I was sure that everyone would be better than me and I would make a fool of myself, instead, the other finalists welcomed me and made me feel comfortable and I came away with not only $1000 prize money but a wonderful experience.

“I just want to thank Andrew Hastie and his team for making this competition possible, along with its opportunities and encouraging arts among youths.”

Video submissions are due no later than June 2 and finalists will perform at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre on July 1.

The first prize is $1000, the second is $750 and the third is $500.

For more information contact Mr Hastie’s office on 9534 8044.