The boys in goo

The boys in goo

The bubblegum flavoured foam adds a dash of blue to the Mundijong cop car.

Mundijong Police Station posted an unusual picture of one of their police cars on their Twitter page for a bit of laugh last Friday.

Little did they know the response they would get.

Since then the image has been viewed more than a 1000 times and shared more than 100 times.

The picture shows the police car covered in bubble-gum flavoured foam, which spurted out of a hose at a car wash in Byford.

Senior Constable Ian Bembridge said they were busy cleaning the car to maintain a professional appearance and could not resist covering it with fragranced goo.

“The car came up a treat,” he said.

“It’s also a little bit more hygienic for the next baddie to be placed in the back.”

Facebook users were quick to comment.

Many parodied movies including The Smurfs and The Thin Red Line, writing WA Police officers were under fire for ‘ploughing through a gaggle of Smurfs’ and another person wrote, ‘No, I said thin blue line.’

Songs were also parodied including 1990s pop hit I’m Blue Da Ba De Da Ba Die with the lyrics being changed to, ‘A cop that lives in a blue world and all day and all night and everything the cops sees is just blue.’

Senior Constable Bembridge said the reactions were fantastic.