“The best Christmas news I could have hoped for”

“The best Christmas news I could have hoped for”


While the phrase is associated with a famous Eddie, the WA public have been urging Mark McGowan to ‘lock it in’ and this week the Premier did just that, confirming WA will reopen to the rest of the world on February 5, 2022.

After two years of being an island within an island, the Premier’s announcement came as a massive relief to Western Australians who have unfortunately been cut off from family and friends during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scotland-born Queens Park resident Roselyn Hamilton hasn’t seen her mother Tricia in two years, and with a six-month-old baby, February 5 cannot come soon enough.

“I’ve been telling my mum to look at flights because she wants to meet her new grandson and we’d love to get her over here to lend a hand,” she said.

“She’s been double vaccinated for a while now, she’s had the booster shot and it’s just been a matter of waiting for borders to open up.

“We understand why the borders were closed, absolutely no problem with that but in saying that it has been frustrating, and this is the best Christmas news I could have hoped for.”

For her part, Tricia – a frequent visitor to WA – is actually looking forward to the roughly 20-hour journey from Glasgow to Perth.

“The last eighteen months have been hard to bear,” she said.

“The UK went into the first lockdown on March 23 and at that time I did not realise how long it would be before I was able to visit my children and grandchildren in WA.

“My plan was to visit in time for the birth of my 6th grandchild.

“I optimistically applied for my Visa in May 2021 and it was granted in November even although the borders were still closed.

“I am so happy the waiting to visit my family is almost over and can’t wait to hug them, to play with my grandchildren, introduce myself to my newest grandson and spend time with them.

“I can finally look forward to seeing them all”

However the border opening will come with the reintroduction of certain restrictions.

International arrivals that are double-vaccinated will avoid quarantine, while unvaccinated arrivals will be forced to quarantine at an approved location.

Domestic visitors must be double-dosed with an approved G2G pass.

Proof of vaccination will be required at major entertainment venues, and masks must be worn at high-risk indoor settings.

For more information on the restrictions, visit https://www.wa.gov.au/organisation/covid-communications/covid-19-coronavirus-get-ready-was-transition