Byford Secondary College principal Trevor Hunter will spend a week at Harvard University in Boston next year.

Byford Secondary College principal Trevor Hunter is one of 20 principals selected for a prestigious leadership program at Harvard University.

Mr Hunter will spend a week at Harvard in May next year as part of a leading development program which aims to enhance the skills of the participants so they can lead innovation and change both within the school and on a system wide level to benefit the public education system and schools across WA.

Mr Hunter said he was excited and nervous at the prospect of going to Harvard.

“I am very aware that it is one of the world’s most celebrated and credentialed universities,” he said.

“This is also a unique opportunity offered by the WA Department of Education and whilst it is set to be a lot of work, the skills and knowledge which I will acquire from the experience will have direct benefits to Byford Secondary College.”

Mr Hunter said the core element of the program was innovation and change leadership.

“It is vitally important as Byford SC continues to grow into a large senior high school in the coming months and years,” he said.

Education Minister Peter Collier said the principals would travel to Harvard to learn from the world’s best at the Graduate School of Education.

“Once they have finished learning in the hallowed halls of Harvard they go on to complete an online course through Harvard and then take on short-term change projects to reform aspects of their schools or the broader public education system,” he said.

“As Independent Public School principals they have already demonstrated they are willing to push the boundaries of what is possible and bring innovation into public school classrooms to benefit student learning.”