Survivor is a true warrior

Survivor is a true warrior

April Rose Carna sold out of daffodils last week as part of Daffodil Day fundraiser for Cancer Council.

For 23 years Canning Vale resident April Rose Carna has given her life to support people going through cancer in any way she can.

Ms Carna was given 12 months to live after being diagnosed of uterine cancer in 1980.
She refused treatment and her excuse utterly surprised her doctor and her loved ones.

“I wouldn’t have anything done such as radiation or chemotherapy because at the time I had very long hair and I didn’t want to lose it,” she said.

“My doctor couldn’t believe that I would rather die than lose my hair.”

After her miraculous recovery, she was living in Queensland in 1996 and was told about the Cancer Council.

Ms Carna started as a passionate volunteer and became the site coordinator two years later and came to Perth in 2006 to continue her mission.

Ever since, she has been tirelessly working to connect and help people going through cancer.

Once a year during Daffodil Day Ms Carna runs a two-day fundraiser at local malls to collect funds for the Cancer Council.

From August 22-23 Ms Carna went to Southlands mall with 150 bunches of daffodils to sell to the community and was happy with everyone who contributed, especially on Friday after she sold out of daffodils before 11am.

For 28 years Ms Carna was involving in counselling at hospitals, something she completely enjoyed as she was able to directly connect with cancer patients.

“I laughed with them, I cried with them and I understand what they are going through,” she said.

“Some of these patients know they are going to go and they will leave their families and this touches your heart.

“So I try to not get emotional and think about a joke to make them laugh.”

According to Ms Carna running fundraisers is becoming more expensive so she is encouraging everyone in the community to donate through the Cancer Council page or go to Facebook where they run online fundraisers as well.