Sun Record All-Stars have the swagger

Sun Record All-Stars have the swagger

Joe Passion belts out a tune as Jerry Lee Lewis.

Music from the rock ‘n roll era is still so popular that The Sun Record All-Stars are touring Perth for a second time in 18 months.

The careers of Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison were launched by Sun Records producer Sam Phillips.

Bill Culp, who plays Carl Perkins, can’t wait to be back in Perth after the All-Stars’ last performance at the end of 2014.

“I like the theatre there, the Astor, I like the feel of the place. It seems like the kind of place the Sun Records gang would actually perform at,” he said.

“It was a really rowdy crowd. I still have a video clip on my phone of our final song there because it was the last date of our tour. It was really mayhem.”

Mr Culp said this year’s tour had some new highlights such as a collaborative segment based on the famous ‘million dollar quartet’ moment.

“That was a jam session that just sort of happened in December 1956,” he said.

“Carl Perkins was working on a follow up song for Blue Suede Shoes. Sam Phillips had hired Jerry Lee Lewis, who was then an unknown up and coming piano player at Sun, to play piano on his recording session.

“So Jerry and Carl were there when they were interrupted by Elvis and Johnny Cash, who both happened to come in on their own that same day so they took a famous picture that became known as the million dollar quartet moment.”

Costumes and hairdos that capture the spirit of the legends will also be highlights.

“Oh hey we have some great costumes and I have some great new stuff that I wear on stage,” Mr Culp said.

“All of our costumes are custom made for us so as Carl Perkins I have like a really fabulous blue suede outfit that I wear in the first half.

“Everybody has really interesting clothes, Elvis had great pompadours and so did Johnny Cash, you want to capture the look, the music, the swagger and the spirit of these guys on stage.”

For bookings to the March 2 show call 9370 5888.