Students are game for a win

Students are game for a win

Jamie Harris, Adam Cuming, House teacher Richard Filer, Bailey Ashman and Anan Nilprakobkul. Photograph — Richard Polden.

If you thought training for a marathon was physically hard, think about training for a video game competition at the Esports WA state championship.

Electronic sports, also known as Esports, goes all the way back to the late nineties but in the past few years it has been officially named as a sport.

The global esports market is expected to generate more than one billion in 2019.

Southern River College students Bailery Ashman, Anan Nilprakobkul, Jamie Harris and Adam Cuming are esports state champions following their recent win in the Meta High School esports WA Regional Rocket League final against Applecross Senior High School.

They have now moved onto a knockout round involving teams from all over Australia and New Zealand hoping to secure a place in the Grand Final which will take place in Melbourne later this year.

The college’s involvement in esports commenced last year after gaming enthusiasts approached humanities and social sciences (HASS) teacher Mr Filer in the hope of establishing official school teams.

Team captain Bailey Ashman joined last year when a friend mentioned that the school was putting together a Rocket League team.

“After our previous team captain graduated leaving the position open, I stepped up into the role,” he said.

As part of the role he was part of the initial team and had to be on top of the logistical side of things such as contacting competition officials and keeping everything organised for game dates.

Ashman said it was a privilege to represent Western Australia in the state championship.

“We went from having fun and playing games like everybody else, to actually playing and representing Western Australia in an instant,” he said.

“I truly think that gaming has and always will be a great way to relax and escape the world with friends.

“It goes far beyond pressing buttons on a controller or keyboard.”

HASS teacher Mr Filer said having won the Meta High School Esports WA Final for Rocket League it’s a thrill that the students get the opportunity to play tougher opponents from around Australia and New Zealand.

“It’s wonderful to see these young players enjoying the game, gaining more confidence and being recognised for their talent,”he said.

“META High School Esports and other competitions provide a platform for students to show what they can do and really feel proud of their skills.