Storytelling volunteer

Storytelling volunteer

Ruth Welch with her son Brett Welch holding her certificate, which acknowledged her volunteering, work in the community. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.

With a combination of more than 100 years of volunteering between them three YouthCARE Christian Values Education volunteers have been honoured for their outstanding service to the Gosnells school community.

Last month Ruth Welch, Beverley Pabedinskas and Gilian King were presented certificates of appreciation at the annual Gosnells YouthCARE council chaplains and CVE dedications service at Thornlie Anglican Church.

Mrs Welch, from Thornlie, has served with YouthCare for as long as it has existed and 45 years later she said she still remained passionate about volunteering and working with children.

“As a child I really enjoyed story telling,” she said.

“Volunteering gave me the opportunity to do that and I have always loved children.”

She said one of the highlights was teaching children how to be sensitive to the needs of others.

“My son is handicapped so we use different forms of communication and teaching the kids how to communicate in song form was always fun for them,” she said.

Although it has been more than four decades of volunteering Mrs Welch said while some things have changed the children she worked with have not.

“Children are children,” she said.

“They never change but it has been interesting watching more children from other countries come along.”

Mrs Welch said it was lovely to see youngsters from all backgrounds working and growing together.

“I really just love the opportunity of meeting with the children and telling them how much they are loved because the world around them is always so negative,” she said.

CVE field officer Shelley Puddle said it was wonderful to be able to honour such faithful volunteers.

“These ladies have done an amazing job,” she said.

“Their longevity is truly a testament to the great work they do.”