Standing up against US president Trump

Standing up against US president Trump

Protestors gathered on Murray Street in Perth on Friday evening. Photograph – Juanita Shepherd.

The United Against Bigotry and Racism campaign group held a protest against American president Donald Trump on Friday evening.

More than 50 people gathered together in Murray Street including Byford resident Alison Reed to peacefully protest against Mr Trump’s presidency and a number of his controversial policies.

Ms Reed said she would not call herself an activist but she could not ignore the protest.

“My sister sent me the link on Facebook,” she said.

“I’m not keen on politics at all but I had to stand in solidarity with people against Trump.

“I completely disagree with everything that he has done.”

Ms Reed said she was shocked to read the news on a daily basis and felt something had to be done.

“By joining the protest in some small way I felt as if I was helping all those who have been marginalised by Trump,” she said.

“His policies have shocked and scared me and I hope we can all come together and spread peace instead of creating division and uncertainty.”

The United Against Bigotry and Racism campaign group coordinator said she did not want to be named for fear of backlash from groups who support Trump.

“This is a peaceful protest,” she said.

“I don’t know what we will accomplish, ideally it would be great if he was impeached but whatever happens we have a voice.

“We want to stand up for the marginalised and those who feel threatened by America’s new president.”

The next protest will be held in Murray Street, Perth on February 3 from 6pm.