Security rebates for victims of crime

Security rebates for victims of crime

The rebate offers victims of crime a rebate for installing extra security measures.

Property-related crime has soared in Western Australia over the past three years.

There have been 6000 more incidents reported across the state this year compared to the statistics recorded in the 2021-22 financial year. And there’s still three months to go.

With this escalation in mind, crime prevention advocate Neighbourhood Watch Australasia has launched a security upgrade rebate program aimed at empowering victims of burglary to safeguard their properties.

The Target Hardening Support Offer provides Perth residents impacted by burglary since January 2022 a $550 rebate for the installation of security enhancements such as security screens, locks, security lighting, and surveillance cameras.

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia Chair Bernie Durkin said that burglary isn’t like lightning – people can be struck twice.

“Unfortunately, in most instances people don’t take action to improve the security of their home after an incident, believing it won’t happen again. Prevention is the key, which is way Neighbourhood Watch is championing this program,” he said.

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia CEO Maria Bennett said the rebate was an incentive for families to take action.

“Our rebate provides a crucial financial resource for residents to proactively enhance their home security,” she said.

“While the $550 may not cover the entirety of one’s security needs, it serves as a foundational step towards deterring potential burglars with the installation of new robust door locks, security screens and security cameras, for example.

“Our goal is to help decrease the likelihood of homes being targeted by enhancing their security features.

“This rebate is more than just financial assistance; it’s an investment in the safety and well-being of our families and communities.”

The offer originally expired on March 9, but has since been extended due to an inexplicably low uptake. Residents are urged to act now, and apply before 31 May to take advantage of the rebate. To apply or find out more go to: