School’s search for oldest student

School’s search for oldest student


Past and present students and staff from Byford Primary School are looking for the oldest living Byford Primary student to celebrate 100 years since the Primary School’s establishment in 1921.

Celebrations are set for Saturday October 23 and the Organising Committee is looking for as many past students and teachers as possible according to current parent and chairman of the board Michelle Charlton.

“We are obviously hoping to get as many past students and teachers as we can come and help us celebrate this exciting milestone in our community,” she said.

“I have put together an organising committee made up of current parents, past students and school staff, about 12 of us.”

The committee is currently collecting past uniforms and photos for the event, as well as looking for the oldest student from the school.

“We hope to be able to have a few photos done with our youngest current student and oldest past student,” said Ms Charlton.

Byford Primary School has a long history with the first classroom built in 1921.

The second classroom wasn’t built until 12 years later in 1933.

The school currently teaches over 350 students.

The organising committee is still ironing out the plans for the celebration, but said their main focus is to celebrate the history of the school.

“We are planning on celebrating the history the school in the afternoon and also hoping for an early morning smoking ceremony and maybe a bush dance in evening,” said Ms Charlton.

The committee is also hoping to involve famous jockey Damian Oliver, who attended the Primary School during his childhood.

Currently the committee is seeking to secure funding from the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale.

“The committee is in the process of putting together a grant to apply for some funding from shire to help with the cost of running such an event.”

Past students and teachers have rallied together through Facebook group ‘100 Years Byford Primary School Celebration.

Through the group, past students and teachers have shared old school photos and fond memories of the school.