School community honours Jacob

School community honours Jacob

Principal Belinda Provis, council infrastructure manager Gregor Wilson, environment captain Jessica Lim, Sarah-Jayne Powell, Vic Powell, council Urban ecosystems supervisor Stephen Szydlowski, and mayor Karen Vernon.

All Saints’ College and Victoria Park council have honoured the memory of the school’s former environment captain by installing an automated bird waterer – the first for a school in WA.

Jacob Powell, remembered for his kindness, compassion and dedication to environmental causes, served as the college’s environment captain in 2021.

His tragic passing on the eve of graduation, due to medical complications following an arm injury, left a profound impact on the community.

Jacob’s parents, Sarah-Jayne and Vic Powell, engaged with council staff and funded the installation of the bird waterer as a tribute to his memory.

Sarah-Jayne said the ongoing support of meaningful environmental initiatives would have made Jacob proud.

“He followed Greta Thunberg and was thrilled when principal Belinda Provis gifted him one of Greta’s books,” she said.

“Jacob would have loved the idea of the bird waterer being on the college campus, especially the thought of providing safe drinking facilities for an endangered species such as the Western Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo.”

Victoria Park mayor Karen Vernon said she was moved to be part of the tribute.

“Protecting the environment has always been one of the town’s priorities,” she said.

“We’re thrilled that the town’s originally designed and developed bird waterer is honouring the memory of a young man who cared so much for the natural environment.

“I hope that Jacob’s family and friends are reminded of him whenever they see birds using the bird waterer and are inspired to be champions for the environment.”

Ms Provis said that Jacobs’s love of the environment and his kind and caring ways touched many people at the college during his 14 years as a student, and it was an honour to have the bird waterer installed in his memory.

“One of Jacob’s mantras was ‘in a world where you can be anything, be kind’,” said Ms Provis.

“The college adopted that as our theme in 2022, and now we are thrilled that Jacob’s passion for the environment, and his kindness, have resulted in this fabulous addition to our Gabiljee Campus, thanks to the support of the Powell Family and Town of Victoria Park.”

A close-up of the bird waterer