Rotary and Crossways cook up a storm for those in need

Rotary and Crossways cook up a storm for those in need

Together the team made 164 roast dinners, 37 curried sausages, 52 mac and cheese portions, and chocolate crackles and white Christmas treats on the side.

Armadale Rotary Club members have teamed up with Crossways to bring a little Christmas joy to those who need it most this year.

Together the team worked up a sweat in the kitchen to produce over 250 Christmas meals for the community, with a little sweet treat on the side.

The dinners were served at the Crossways Café for free, or by donation; The café offers a ‘pay it forward’ service where customers who can afford to, contribute so that another financially-disadvantaged person can enjoy a nutritious home-cooked meal as well.

The Rotary crew also came on board to help assemble Christmas hampers, and wrap presents for families in need.

Rotary Youth Director Graham Sampson said it was the first year that members had tried a ‘hands-on’ approach to supporting the community at Christmas.

“Our members were thrilled to do this. A lot of care these days comes in the form of cash donations,” Graham said.

“But this is an actual tangible thing we’re doing for people – it’s something you’ve prepared with your own two hands that you can give to someone else. And it’s given us a different outlook on how you can care for people.

“Mel McGarry does a wonderful job at Crossways, and I thank her for allowing us to partner with them.”