Repair works have “commenced”

Repair works have “commenced”

The City of Gosnells is still waiting for more information from Golden Group before approving a building permit for Maddington Homestead.

The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage have confirmed that Golden Group, owners of the ruinous Maddington Homestead, have satisfied the conditions of a repair notice issued by the State Government

The Minister for Heritage, upon the recommendation by Heritage Council of Western Australia (HCWA), issued a repair notice to the Maddington Homestead owners, Golden Group on May 18, 2021, more than eight months ago.

However the devil is in the detail.

The repair notice requires the Golden Group to simply commence the repair works within six months of it being issued, with the works to be completed within two years after the initial six months.

A DPLH spokesperson confirmed Golden Group have satisfied the requirements of “commencing” the repair works.

“Activities that could be considered “commencement” of the works include preliminary works such as planning, preparing and submitting documentation to the relevant authorities to secure building and development approvals to complete the works,” the spokesperson said.

“The Golden Group has applied to the City of Gosnells for a building permit to undertake the required works, therefore has satisfied the requirement of “commencing” the works within the six month timeframe. “

In other words, by applying to the City of Gosnells for a building permit, Golden Group – with $6.18 billion dollars worth of development in the pipeline  in WA alone – has until  November 18, 2023 to compete the works, having owned the site upon which the historic lodging stands since 2003.

A DPLH spokesperson said details of the repair notice, including any extension or variation requests and the works specified in the repair notice, is a confidential matter between the HCWA and the Golden Group.

“If Golden Group fail to comply with the repair notice or do not complete the specified works by 18 November 2023, HCWA can request the Minister for Heritage to issue a repair order.

“Non-compliance with a repair order can attract penalties of up to $1 million and imprisonment.”

A spokesperson from Golden Group said the person responsible for handling Maddington Homestead was currently on leave and would return in early February.