Q&A with candidate for Riverton Thor Kerr

Q&A with candidate for Riverton Thor Kerr


What are the biggest issues facing your electorate and how will you combat them?

Despite all the Liberal government’s talk of innovation, jobs and growth, people in our electorate are facing redundancies and an absence of new employment and business opportunity. This dire situation has come about because the government is tethered to old interests and out-dated technologies. The Greens will overcome this decline by supporting emerging industries, technologies and professions.

How will you improve job growth in the region?

We have huge opportunities to improve employment and business prospects under the Greens program of switching to 100% renewable power generation by 2030. Modelling shows this switch would provide 156,000 jobs in construction, installation, maintenance and manufacturing in WA. Greens policy supports industries and employment in many other ways. For example, proper environmental protection promotes job growth in science, food production, health, tourism and education. We often forget that Curtin University is WA’s largest single-site employer.

What’s your plan to improve the economy?

WA desperately needs a new model of economic growth that does not damage our environment and communities. The Greens are working towards diversifying the WA economy, which means supporting the services and industries relevant for not just our domestic markets but for the buzzing markets for services in the many great cities in our time zone. This means moving state subsidies away from big resource businesses towards smaller, innovative businesses in clean power generation, IT, design, the arts, health, tourism and ethical food production.

What major infrastructure projects will you advocate for if elected?

The Greens biggest infrastructure project is establishing the network for 100% renewable power generation by 2030. Other projects are outlined in the Greens comprehensive WA 2.0 program that puts people first in addressing massive inequity within our state. The WA 2.0 plan sets out smart, low-cost, solutions for fast and frequent transport as well as investments in rail so that people and freight can move quickly around the city. Unfortunately, the government has chosen to ignore these opportunities in favour of attempting to build the Roe 8 toll road, which achieves nothing but destroying a much-loved urban wetland and Aboriginal heritage.

How do you plan to address the meth crisis?

First, we must acknowledge that the government’s policies have failed terribly and that its new policy of compulsory imprisonment is not the answer, particularly when the state’s prisons have been key sites in the development and spread of this drug addiction. The Greens believe in an approach that seeks to prevent and minimise harm for users and the people around them. This means more funding for drug treatment as well as programs that reduce drug-related harm and support people with mental health issues. The Greens aim to support people in overcoming addiction while maintaining criminal sanctions for the manufacture, sale and supply of methamphetamine.

What would be your first act if elected?

To establish a parliamentary investigation into government secrecy around the Roe 8 road project and why this project was not subject to business case and Department of Finance review processes.

What’s your favourite song, book and movie?

Favourite song: Fools Gold by Stone Roses

Favourite book: The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

Favourite movie: School of Rock

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