Q & A with Labor candidate for Southern River Terry Healy

Q & A with Labor candidate for Southern River Terry Healy

Labor candidate for Southern River Terry Healy.

What are the biggest issues facing your electorate and how will you combat them?
Jobs; it is linked to every issue raised with me and it is the core part of what a Labor government will offer. The State Government did nothing to diversify the economy and Labor has a plan for 50,000 new jobs for WA when we build the Canning Vale train line. We need local apprentices, local builders and WA manufacturers.

How will you improve job growth in the region?
There is a comprehensive document on markmcgowan.com and some of the items it talks about include boosting tourism and building infrastructure locally.

What major infrastructure projects will you advocate for if elected?
The Circle Line, construction jobs, upgrading schools and building facilities for Canning Vale College and Southern River College, don’t mess with the kids.

How do you plan to address the meth crisis?
We have a meth action plan which deals with consequences and rehabilitation, specialist prison facelifts, harsh consequences for the ones profiting and Target 120, which addresses the issue of crime. It is about helping delinquents and families and intervening and changing their lives for the better.

What’s the first thing you will do if elected?
Probably get a kiss from my wife and daughter.

Personally speaking….
I’m a big movie buff and I also enjoy music by Elvis, Tom Jones and The Beatles.

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