Program aims to give people a new purpose

Program aims to give people a new purpose

People at risk in the community, including people with disabilities have the opportunity of gaining employment under the Loop Upcycling Project.

Those considered at risk in the community, including people with a disability, the long term unemployed and those seeking refuge from domestic violence could benefit under the Loop Upcycling Project.

It is a hub designed to bring people together so they can re-engage with the population. Loop Upcycling founder Dwayne Rowland is considering opening the first of its kind loop hub in the City of Gosnells, which will make people realise how valued they are and want to be a part of something meaningful.

Mr Rowland said he believed this would show Gosnells as being proactive in addressing the social challenges all communities face around Australia.

“The City of Gosnells team have been very accommodating so far and I am hoping once the local elections are over we can continue the work in having the hub up and running,” he said.

“This project was created to address corporate waste and create employment for those most disconnected within the community.

“Building this first upcycling hub has always been part of our plans but our biggest challenge continues to be securing funding and in-kind contributors to scale our impact.

City of Gosnells mayor Glenn Dewhurst said the initiative was more than just another a project.

“It’ about giving purpose to those who are in need including the homeless in and around our streets,” he said.

It was estimated that the new hub would provide a range of training and employment opportunities from administration through to textiles and warehousing.