Police and Clontarf boys go head to heard

Police and Clontarf boys go head to heard


The Cannington Cops Australian Rules Football team has walked away victors over Clontarf College following a friendly last week.

On August 30 at 4.30pm both sides took to the field at Curtin University in full kit for a game intended to boost the relationship between police, Clontarf’s indigenous students and the community.

At half time the Clontarf boys lead 5.5 (39) to the Cops’ disappointing 1.3 (9).

However the Cops ripped into the second half with full vigour and their eyes on the inaugural Clontarf-Cops trophy.

Over the next hour of play the Cops got on top of the game to finish eight points ahead of Clontarf.

At the final siren the score was Clontarf 8.8 (56) to Cannington Cops 10.4 (64).

Following the game, Cannington Police Twitter congratulated both sides on their performances.

“Awesome efforts by both sides,” it said.

“See you next year boys!”