Pet dog attacked

Pet dog attacked

Nicki Grannells showing the scars from the dog attack which cost the couple more than $4000.

When Stephen Grannells’ wife returned home visibly upset with their dog Jack, he didn’t realise the full extent of their beloved Tenterfield Terrier’s injuries.

Nicki Grannells was out taking their pet on their usual morning walk about 9.30am on Tuesday, May 31, when Jack was set upon by what the Grannells believe was a larger mixed breed dog, possibly a Staffy or a Pitbull.

Nor did Stephen Grannells know where his investigation into the incident would lead.

“It was between 9.30am and 10am when my wife came home distraught,” he said.

“She said Jack, our terrier, had been set upon by a bigger dog.

“She picked him up because she saw the other dog as it approached and she tried to keep our dog out of harm’s way.”

The Seville Grove couple then went about contacting the appropriate authorities, including reporting the incident to police, the City of Armadale ranger service and the RSPCA.

“My wife had to sign a report about what had happened and ID the dog that attacked our dog and I understand it is now in a pound somewhere,” Stephen Grannells said.

As they bathed Jack at home, the couple were both horrified at the extent of Jack’s injuries and were worried about the cost but realised they had to take him to the vet after seeing how much damage had been done.

After dropping the dog at the vet and angered by what had happened, Stephen Grannells then walked around his Seville Grove neighbourhood to see if he could see any sign of the dog that attacked his and a possible owner.

“I noticed a few CCTV cameras around and so I went and asked the neighbours if they could show me the footage.

“Our neighbours were very helpful and I went through a fair bit of footage.

“One of our neighbours said she spotted the dog that day and had footage of the dog and its owner.

“We were horrified to see in one bit of footage that he had kicked the dog.

“I reported the incident to the police but they were not interested, so I filed a report with the City of Armadale Ranger Service and also the RSPCA.

“It just frustrates me that this dog has been known to cause trouble in the neighbourhood and the owner is known to be cruel to the dog.

“There are too many dogs wandering around in parks and public places off the lead.

“This has cost us more than $4000.

“The Rangers need to do a better job.

“What if it was a child? Would they act more quickly?” he said.

The City of Armadale said the city’s Ranger Services responded to the incident report on the same day and are still investigating.

“Once completed, an outcome will be determined. Ranger Services responds to all complaints from the public regarding off-leash dogs and other offences.

It is the dog owner’s responsibility to ensure their animal remains effectively confined and under control when in public spaces,” the statement read.

The city said the penalty for a dog attack carries a maximum penalty of $10,000 and the leaving a dog off-lead can attract a maximum penalty of $5000.

RSPCA WA has said it is still investigating the matter.

“RSPCA WA has received a report about a dog allegedly being kicked and dragged along a footpath in Seville Grove,” RSPCA WA Inspector Manager Kylie Green said.

“As this is an open investigation, we won’t be making further comment at this time.”