Our Australia Day: Keeping It Real | Glenn Dewhurst

Our Australia Day: Keeping It Real | Glenn Dewhurst

Glenn Dewhurst is a councillor for the City of Gosnells

I’m a true-blue Aussie and I’ve got something important to say about Australia Day.

It’s a day that’s close to our hearts, where we celebrate our past and the rich blend of people that make up our nation.

But here’s the issue: a bunch of well-off and influential people, along with those who always want to stir things up (you know, the ‘WOKE’ crowd), are trying to change what being Aussie is all about. They’re making calls that just don’t sit right with most of us.

Take, for example, those big foreign companies pulling the plug on Australia Day merchandise.

That’s a slap in the face to us regular Aussies, I won’t be going there anymore.

And what about the local councils not celebrating Australia Day like the rest of us?

They’re turning their backs on Australia and all those who have built this great country from many parts of the world.  The Australian embassy in London refusing to celebrate the day, that particular call needs to be treated as treason, shame on you.

What’s weirder is that our own governments, both state and federal, seem to be watching from the sidelines. It’s like they’re keener on pleasing by splashing billions of dollars on a small bunch than listening to the majority.

This needs to stop. Remember when we said sorry as a nation?

That was supposed to be a fresh start, where we all pull together to build stronger communities, I was ready.

But for some, it’s never ever going to be enough. Just look overseas.

In Europe, things have changed so much that in some places, the locals are outnumbered. And the governments keep hiking up taxes on the locals to fund all these shifts, they are actually paying for their own demise, we don’t want that happening here.

It’s high time we stand up for our Aussie way of life, no matter who you are.

We need to defend what makes Australia Day (Australia) special and not let a few try to rewrite our story.

This day is about us – our shared history and our future. Let’s keep it that way and stand strong for what we believe in.

Glenn Dewhurst is a City of Gosnells councillor and local leader