Opportunities abound for student

Opportunities abound for student

Byford Secondary College year 11 student Haadi Umer attended a visionary science event in Sydney and hopes to study quantum physics after he graduates year 12. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.

A Byford Secondary College student was one of six people selected from West Australia to attend the International Science School last month.

Held at the University of Sydney year 11 student Haadi Umer won a scholarship to go to the event after he filled out an online application on the recommendation of his physics teacher.

He said it was two weeks of lectures from world-renowned scientists and researchers on a wide range of topics to do with future power, the theme of the event.

Haadi said he participated in activities and learnt about physics, chemistry, geology, economics and biology.

“I was introduced to an entirely new world of science,” he said.

“I got to meet some amazing people from around the world and scholars from China, America, Thailand, New Zealand, India and England.”

The International Science School was a visionary science event created for academically gifted high school students.

Haadi said he enjoyed going to Sydney and it was an amazing opportunity, which he felt privileged to have attended.

“I learnt so much about many different sciences from a group of such talented researchers and scientists,” he said.

“Getting to be around so many like minded people was extraordinary.”

Haadi said one of the most important things he got out of the event was making friends and connecting which people from all around the globe.

Once he finished school Haadi hoped to pursue a degree in quantum physics.