Not just for old blokes

Not just for old blokes

Brian Caplen and Geoff Britton turning wood into art.

Woodturning is not just for old blokes, it’s an artform that everyone can enjoy.

That’s the message from the Gosnells Woodturners Group who are looking to diversify their membership after they lost 12 members this year.

Member of the Gosnells Woodturners Brian Dynon said the group is seeking women, young people and, well, anyone with talent.

“It’s a really interesting kind of craft form and some blokes are so incredibly expert they take it to an art form,” Mr Dynon said.

“We have one bloke whose exhibits are in galleries and exhibits throughout the world.

“Not a bad distinction for downtown Gossies.

“Some blokes have been doing it for a long time and they just get better and better. It becomes an all-encompassing interest.

“You are using your brain and your motor skills and you are trying to form it into something that looks good,” he said.

The Gosnells Woodturners goes back some time, when the group was able to secure a space in Southern River College thanks to Ken Wyatt and the school generously donated the space.

“We lost a lot of members at the end of last year, something like 25 percent of our members which is why we are looking for more people,” Brian Dynon said

“If people have an impression that it is a craft for old blokes, it’s not the case.

“In particular, two women joined an otherwise all male group and they both became good woodturners.  Both have since retired from the group for health reasons.

“We want to attract anyone and everyone who is interested in learning this unique art and craft code.

“We make it easy to start, there’s no outlay and all the equipment is provided so we really get people up and running.

“People can’t start work until they become members and that is for insurance, but they can come along and look initially.

“The only qualification is their fees and then they become a member and are covered by insurance,” he said.

The group provides tuition, tools and materials, and experienced, skilled tutors will get you started.

Safety standards are strictly adhered to.

Classes available Monday and Wednesday mornings and Thursday evenings from 6 to 9pm.  Contact Dave McGloughlan for more information on 0432 124 786.

Photographs – Richard Polden.