New program aims to keep youth from living on the streets

New program aims to keep youth from living on the streets

A new youth homelessness hopes to break the cycle of young people being driven onto the streets.

Parkerville Children and Youth Care will soon launch a state-first pilot program called ‘Ruby’s’ to tackle youth homelessness.

Ruby’s is an innovative program designed to empower both at-risk youths aged 12 to 17 and their families.

It aims to prevent homelessness by restoring the family unit through conflict resolution, enhancing communication, and promoting cooperation among family members.

Through customised support tailored to each family’s needs, Ruby’s aims to mitigate the long-term effects of homelessness on young people, and address the heightened risk of adult homelessness for individuals who experienced it in childhood.

This 2.5-year pilot is supported by the Department of Communities and the Sisters of St John of God.

The program is being made possible due to a reallocation of $2.4 million-worth of government funding from the Armadale Youth Accommodation Service.

Minister for Homelessness John Carey said his government was “proud to partner with Parkerville Children and Youth Care to deliver a first-of-its-kind youth homelessness early intervention and diversion service to support at-risk youth.”

An independent evaluation component will be conducted over the first two years to measure the program’s impact and effectiveness in transforming the lives of young people and their families.

“We believe that every young person deserves a safe and stable home environment,” Parkerville Children and Youth Care CEO Kim Brooklyn said.

“Through Ruby’s, we are committed to working closely with young people and their families to address the root causes of homelessness and create lasting solutions.”

Ruby’s will officially open its doors from July 1. The program will offer safe accommodation for up to six young people per night, while working with the whole family to address the areas that are preventing the young person from living at home on a full-time basis.

A key focus of Ruby’s is engaging with families to ensure parents retain parental responsibility for their children throughout the program.

The ultimate goal is to empower families to create a safe and nurturing environment where young people can thrive.

Ruby’s will operate seven days a week from Parkerville Children and Youth Care centres and will replace the Armadale Youth Accommodation Service.