New gym approved despite residents’ objections

New gym approved despite residents’ objections

Artist impression of the new gym and swim school proposed in north Byford.

A new gym and swim school will be coming to Byford after council approved the development at its November 20 meeting.

The new fitness complex will be built at the corner of Thomas Rd and South West Highway – on the site of the old service station.

The development will consist of a 24-hour Revo Fitness gym with a maximum capacity of 120 people, a swim school with above-ground pool which would accommodate up to 15 swimmers at a time, a shop and 78 parking bays.

All vehicles will enter and exit the site via Hay Rd. There is an estimation that “a total of 734 vehicles per day” would use the facility.

Five members of the public raised objections to the development.

Their concerns related to issues of noise, traffic congestion, light pollution, and the 24-hour nature of the business.

“The fact we have two health centres less than 1km from here and also a 24-hour gym next to Caltex petrol station on Thomas Road again less then 3km away negates the necessity for such a proposal,” one objector said.

“This land is amongst residential properties and any large 24-hour business will have nothing but a negative impact on our estate. We had similar objections to the last proposal for a 24-hour truck stop and hope common sense prevails and this proposal is also rejected.”

But there were also two public submissions in favour of the development.

“I support the approval, a gym and swim school local to the area will benefit local residents of the shire and is a suitable use for this land without being detrimental to local residents,” one approver said.

Planning consultant Carlo Famiano spoke on behalf of his client at the council meeting and said that they had been proactively addressing issues as they arose.

He also reiterated that the new business would be a net good for the community.

“The site is a bit of an eyesore currently, and it hasn’t been developed to its potential for a number of years,” he said.

Councillors voted unanimously to approve the development application with conditions, in line with the officers’ recommendation.