New evacuation signs for Whitby, and fire compliance checks start from today

New evacuation signs for Whitby, and fire compliance checks start from today

Coordinator Emergency Services David Richer and the team with the new signage at the Whitby Estate.

The SJ Shire Emergency Services team paid a visit to the Whitby community to chat all things bushfire preparation at a special barbecue event on Friday.

Following the May fire at the Whitby Estate, the shire has worked alongside locals in the area to ensure residents and their properties are bushfire ready.

Part of this effort has been to install directional fire exit signage on Haywire Avenue to make the exit identifiable if the gate is open.

A sign has also been installed on the road adjacent to Whitby Playground clearly identifying exit routes in case of an emergency.

With the summer months almost here, it’s vital that all Shire residents work together to protect their homes, families and the natural environment.

As part of the effort to reduce risk, Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale Bushfire Mitigation Officers will begin conducting firebreak compliance assessments at properties as of Friday.

These assessments will include evaluating properties to confirm compliance with the Fire Hazard Reduction Notice mailed to residents in August.

The Fire Hazard Reduction Notice outlines the legal responsibilities of landowners and/or occupiers in the shire, informing on what is required at each property ahead of the bushfire season.

Failure or neglect to comply with the notice is an offence and can result in a penalty of up to $5,000.

There are registered Firebreak Contractors operating in the Shire who can assist in ensuring your property is compliant ahead of the bushfire season. A list of contractors can be found at