‘Neglected for far too long’

‘Neglected for far too long’

Canning Vale Football player Bailey Fee kicking the ball at Clifton Park. Photograph - Aaron Van Rongen.

For about 25 years sporting clubs in Canning Vale have been in a constant battle to receive support from any local or state entity to upgrade existing facilities and build new ones.

On Saturday, sport in Canning Vale received a boost via Liberal candidate for Jandakot, Mihael McCoy, who launched a petition at Clifton Park to gain community support for long overdue community facilities and upgrades to existing ones.

Canning Vale Football Club president Scott Branch said that a 25-year battle was far too long and that the issue needed to be addressed.

“The Canning Vale community has been neglected for far too long,” he said.

“We had to build our own shed so we had some club rooms.

“Every other ground in the City of Canning has club rooms and expansive playing fields.

“The City of Canning has invested heavily in upgrading existing facilities or building new community facilities in other suburbs but done very little for Canning Vale.”

Mr Branch said the club was approached by Mr McCoy, who indicated his support towards the club’s efforts to provide better facilities to community members.

“The club was approached by Mihael when he was made aware of the lack of support from the City of Canning and the state government to improve existing facilities and provide new facilities to meet community expectations and demands,” Mr Branch said.

“We don’t care which local or state entity helps us.

“The state government was supposed to develop the Canning Vale Regional Sporting Complex, but they have decided this isn’t a priority anymore and don’t support it.

“This would have been what Canning Vale and the surroundings suburbs need.

“The state government didn’t advise the City of Canning of this decision.

“The City of Canning had been investing in all the site assessments for the project to develop further but weren’t told the state were not intending to help.

“Please show your support and share your concerns for the betterment of Canning Vale. “We just want to get the outcome the community deserves after many years.”

Mr Branch confirmed the club had approached the City of Canning and both the Labor and Liberal parties for help.

However, a City of Canning spokesperson said the city had not been advised that the Canning Vale Regional Sporting Complex was not a priority.

“Recent correspondence from the Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries stated that it would like the city to continue with the feasibility, servicing and funding investigations regarding the complex,” the spokesperson said.

“The Canning Vale Football Club recently benefitted from a significant facility upgrade co-funded by the state government.

“Clifton Park, where the Canning Vale Football Club operates, received a $1.2 million upgrade in 2018 jointly funded by the city and the state government under the Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund.

“New change rooms, storage and kiosk facilities were constructed.”

But Mr McCoy, who visited local community groups, sporting clubs and associations earlier this year, said it was clear that Canning Vale Football Club needed a fit for purpose facility.

“They have been trying to get a grant for facilities and keep coming up against a brick wall,” he said.

“The club has contacted the sport and recreation minister as well as the premier’s office but has been given the run around.

“It has been quite discouraging for them.

“I also came to learn that the club had not been prioritised in the city’s strategic infrastructure plan.

“There are a number of adult and junior clubs from different sporting codes that utilise the venue.

“Due to inadequate facilities many families opt to travel outside of Canning Vale to make use of facilities elsewhere.

“This seems unfair to the local community but also increases the travel time for local families.”