Music in the park fundraiser

Music in the park fundraiser

Musician Adele Robertson, event organiser Pippa Leahy and musician Alan Flanders were getting ready for the music in the park event. Photograph — Matt Devlin.

Music is a way of life for many people and a husband and wife team will be sharing as much melody as possible with the community at the second official music in the park event on November 1.

The event will be raising money for the cancer council with 100 per cent of the proceeds going to the not for profit.

Event organisers Pippa and Alan Leahy wanted to give back to the community after being affected by cancer and decided a concert was the way to do it.

Mrs Leahy said she lost both her brother and sister to the illness and now her mother was battling it as well.

She said music was therapeutic to everyone.

“When I play the piano I can lose myself in my own world,” she said.

“Because my mum is in hospital, my father is living with me and when I play the piano, dad sits in his chair and starts humming.

“He has dementia and severe arthritis and music helps him think of something else besides the pain he has and the mental pain of his wife being ill.

“I think it would be the same for others when they are sick.”

Music in the park would take place at the Forest Crescent primary school oval and principal Ian Anderson said he was looking forward to having the community come together for such a worthy cause.

“We see our school as being very much a part of the community,” he said.

Some of those performing will include child piano prodigy Shuan Hern Lee and former Eskimo Joe session pianist Michael de Grussa.

The event would be from 2pm to 5pm at the school oval on November 1.

Bring a chair or picnic rug and drinks and nibbles.