MP being extra cautious

MP being extra cautious

Matt Keogh and his son Nicholas are doing their part to protect their family members.

As a Federal MP jetting across the country, Member for Burt Matt Keogh knows the risk of COVID-19 impacting his family is probably higher than average.

That’s why last week, Mr Keogh received his booster shot and his five-year-old son Nicholas received his first COVID vaccination.

Mr Keogh said that with family members in the high- risk category, it was important that everyone in his family get vaccinated.

“For us, we’ve looked at all the information available and also the risks, and we’ve got a situation where we’ve got family members that are at high risk if they were to catch COVID and also as a Federal MP, I have to travel across the country,” he said.

“The risks are probably higher for members of my family so that’s why we’ve made sure we’re all vaccinated and Nicholas is vaccinated as well.”

He said it was important to involve his son in the process, and encouraged other parents to start a conversation with their children about the dangers of COVID-19.

“Nicholas is five and he has understood for as long as COVID has been going around that COVID exists, that it’s important that we wash hand and that all of the directions are followed.

“He’s seen and experienced periods where we’ve had mask mandates, we haven’t been able to go out due to lockdown restrictions and so forth.

“When there’s big changes like that it’s important to explain those to children, not in a scary way but just so they understand it.

“He’s been aware that Coronavirus is something that’s been out in our community, he’s also been aware that we haven’t had it as much in WA as other places.

“Like most inquisitive children he’s also asked a lot of questions, so we’ve spoken about the vaccine and why it’s important”

Mr Keogh advised anyone with concerns over their children getting the vaccine should get reliable information.

“What I say to people who have any concerns is the best thing they should do is look at the advice available through the health department and if they have concerns talk to their GP.”