Mother’s plea after car catches fire

Mother’s plea after car catches fire

The car was burning when the victim escaped with minor injuries.

A Roleystone mother has set up a gofundme for her daughter and son-in-law after an incident in Kelmscott left them without a car.

On Sunday May 9, her daughter’s partner was at work delivering food when the suspect, running from authorities, dumped a small motorbike in the middle of the road and fled.

“My son-in-law had no where to go and hit the bike, puncturing the fuel tank and the car exploded into flames,” she said.

“Thankfully he was able to escape with only minor burns to his arm, but is in deep shock as he thought someone may have still been on the bike.”

The victim and his partner spent the last 18 months working to set up their first home and become independent.

Prior to the incident, the mother said the victims had spent nearly $1000 at the mechanics on the car to make sure it was running.

“As such, unfortunately the car was uninsured as they hadn’t had the funds to be able to afford it, being on such a tight budget,” she said.

“These kids are great, hard-working kids who some of the community may know as they work locally.

“I’d really love to just give them a helping hand to get back on the road so they don’t have months without transport to get to and from work.”

The mother said she will be paying the first year of insurance but would love to help them get a reliable car again.

“A massive thank you to the police, fire and ambulance services, they were absolutely fantastic,” she said.

Visit for more information on how to donate.