Mayor’s dinner could become a charity dinner at $185 a pop

Mayor’s dinner could become a charity dinner at $185 a pop


The City of Canning’s mayoral civic dinner may return this year, in a markedly different format that will see funds raised for registered charities that provide a direct benefit to the Canning community.

The proposal, set to be debated at next week’s council meeting, will look to transition the mayor civic dinner to a charity dinner which provides “a meaningful contribution to those most in need in our community represents an opportunity for the City of Canning to leverage its premier Civic Event for a charitable purpose with a tangible community benefit,” according to the officer’s report.

The event, set for November or December 2022, will have a 300-seat capacity, generally in tables of 10, with the city purchasing up to 100 tickets for use by council and the city for its purposes or to invite special guests.

The event will only go ahead if more than 200 tickets have been sold in order to cover costs and still achieve a fundraising amount.

Cost modelling indicated that tickets will likely be set at between $165 to $185 per ticket.

The intent is that the costs for holding the event will be covered by ticket sales, however the proposal identifies that the city will purchase up to 100 tickets as a means of underwriting the event and as a sign of clear support for the dinner.

The value of those tickets is estimated at between $16,500 – $18,500.

A sponsorship package will be developed, outlining the tiers of funding commitment and benefits. Part of the sponsorship package will cover ticket sales with the remainder being distributed to charities.

Auction items would be acquired through donations and be on display at the event with all money raised being distributed to the identified charities on an equal basis.