Louts to blame after properties blocked off

Louts to blame after properties blocked off

Somebody removed a gate leading onto a Thomson Road property and residents complained the area then turned into a site for anti-social behaviour.

Two vacant Roleystone properties, which became venues for anti-social behaviour after members of the public removed entry barriers, will soon be blocked to vehicle entry.

The City of Armadale council voted at its July 10 meeting to reinstate a gate at the end of Thompson Road and install a barrier in Wymond Road to stop unauthorised members of the public entering the properties.

Thompson Road had turned into an illegal dumping ground after unknown people removed a gate that restricted access.

The city said it had since received complaints of people and vehicles littering and loitering after hours.

In Wymond Road the city said residents had reported parties, fires, vandalism, rubbish dumping and people wandering in the surrounding areas since an unofficial dirt track was made into a property.

The city voted unanimously on the changes.