Locals vital to WA film’s production

Locals vital to WA film’s production

Gosnells woman Ali Carter on set with actor and writer of 1% Matt Nable.

You may not have heard of a low budget bikie movie filmed in WA but many locals have, that’s because they were in it.

The film, called 1%, follows a fictitious bikie gang called “Copperheads MC” and stars popular Australian and NZ actors including Matt Nable, who also wrote the script.

But according to the film’s producer Michael Pontin, the film crew could not have made the $3 million film without the help of local people in the south eastern suburbs, many of whom volunteered their time, often for hours and days on end.

“We couldn’t have made the film without the extras who really shone through, came together for us and really formed their own family,” he said.

“Some of the energy in the film came from them just turning up and creating fun environments.

“Unfortunately some of them have since passed away and that same family of locals came together to mourn them.

“The people of Perth were incredible.”

Gosnells woman Ali Carter was one local who was picked to work on set.

“I did a fair bit of tattoo modelling and was on the cover of the Miss Perth Tattoo 2015 calendar and then from there someone contacted me and I had to fill out a form and sent it in and started in late 2017,” she said.

“I was working full time as a warehouse manager at the time and asked my boss for time off as I am going to be in a movie. At first he didn’t believe me but gave me the time off.”

Ms Carter said while everyone enjoyed the experience, the demands of being in a feature film can be gruelling.

“It was long hours, sometimes we would get on set in the morning and some nights I didn’t get home until after midnight.

“We had to redo some scenes so many times but everyone was so amazing.

“The majority of extras came from the southeast as some scenes were filmed down here, particularly the scenes around the clubhouse.

“Everyone was so kind and they were just normal people and it was a really great experience – it was a lot of fun,” she said.

The film’s writers and producers are quick to point out that while the subject matter is at times hard to take and off putting, it was done intentionally.

Writer and actor Matt Nable said in writing the script, his intentions were clear.

“1% tells the story of a dangerous, mysterious brotherhood whose tribal hierarchy and values hark back to a more primal time,” he said.

“The lens that I’m looking through is one of pure honesty and not holding anything back.

“These types of people do exist and this is what goes on.

“This is how they lose and this is how they hurt and this is how they love and this is how they hope and this is how hopeless their lives can be,” he said.

1% is out now on DVD and Blu Ray and is rated MA15+.


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