Local saviours help families in need

Local saviours help families in need

Donation Central member Ella Mae and founder Ryan Anderson are helping people doing it tough during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Photograph — Aaron Van Rongen.

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there is one local donation agency committed to helping families and children doing it tough in the community.

Donation Central was formed by Ryan Anderson in March 2016, with the aim of raising money and collecting donations for families struggling and those who are affected by domestic violence.

A higher number of families have contacted Mr Anderson and the team with the hope of receiving a helping hand to get through the current crisis.

“We are experiencing a higher amount of families asking for our help as they are finding it hard to get help from various other agencies.

The majority of the agencies are closed,” he said.

“We will accept any donation as long as it is in good condition and suitable for the families to use.

“If anyone is unsure of what they can donate we ask them to send us a photo, so we can tell them if we can accept it.”

Despite the lack of volunteers at Donation Central and the huge demand, Mr Anderson said he was committed to helping people in any way he can, especially children.

The Colour the Community children competition kicked off this week and will run until April 30.

Children isolating in the southern suburbs will have the opportunity to express their creativity and unleash their imagination by creating a masterpiece by doing a drawing or just colouring a picture.

“Whilst we are all in social lockdown this gives your children an opportunity to show their creative talents whilst having fun as well,” Mr Anderson said.

“We do not have to be in a classroom to show them that they all have talent; it just has to be unleashed.

“Prizes have not yet been finalised, but we want them to include things that are educational, such as making jewellery boxes, puzzles or colouring books so they can do this whilst in isolation.

“We are still buying these items but if we can get donations to help us it would be greatly appreciated.”

All school children from pre-primary to year six in the southern suburbs are welcome to participate.

Entries are to be addressed to 50 Phillip Street Maddington and judging will take place from May 4 to 8.

Winners will be announced through the Helping Hands Donation Central page.

Contact Ryan Anderson on 0404 342 148.