Speed may drop to 50km/h in Kelmscott

Speed may drop to 50km/h in Kelmscott


Speed limits could be reduced to 50km/h throughout the Kelmscott CBD and another set of level crossing traffic lights was almost complete in an effort to reduce dangers on crash prone Denny Avenue.

From 2009 to 2013 the 190-metre Denny Avenue recorded 108 crashes, making it one of the worst roads for crashes per metre in the state.

Six months ago fed up residents started petitions to put the road back on council and state government agendas.

Earlier this month City of Armadale councillors considered a traffic analysis report of the Kelmscott CBD, which recommended a reduction in speed to 50km/h on the town centre portions of Albany Highway-Streich Avenue and Railway Avenue.

The report said while Denny Avenue had low speed measurements it had a high accident rate.

It said while traffic solutions could include the introduction of a Davis Road underpass or Ottaway Road overpass, they came at great cost and creating a low speed zone could be a good interim measure.

The city was now applying to Main Roads WA to change the speed limit.

The new $800,000 set of traffic lights at Denny and Streich avenues paid for with a federal black spot grant was set to begin operating by the end of the year.

Armadale mayor Henry Zelones said the city’s engineers believed reducing speeds would reduce traffic incidents.

“The combination of the speed travelled and high traffic volume indicate a likelihood of crashes,” he said.

“By dropping the speed limit it increases the driver’s ability to avoid conflict, with less braking distance required and more time to make responsible driving decisions.”

Mr Zelones said the city was working with the metropolitan redevelopment authority (MRA) on advocating for state and federal funding for an alternate to the Denny Avenue level crossing.

Denny Avenue petition organiser and Camillo resident Gwen Singh wasn’t sold on the lights and said they would only cause more confusion and crashes.

“None of the residents are being listened to,” she said.

“Those lights are going to cause absolute havoc.

“No one pays attention to the lights at Railway Avenue so what’s going to change on Streich Avenue?”

An MRA spokeswoman said it was continuing to plan for the future of the Kelmscott town centre. “The MRA anticipates that the current planning process will be complete in 2016,” she said.

Member for Armadale Tony Buti called on Transport Minister Dean Nalder to visit the road with him and commit to solve the issues.

“Both the late Don Randall and I had been trying separately and collectively to get meetings with Dean Nalder out here with no luck,” he said.

“Nalder has come out to see the area on his own but refused to see it with us there.

“Don and I wanted to bring him out here and explain to him the situation.

“He said he’s been out here and looked at the situation with some public servants but it was our knowledge of the local area I think he needed to listen to more.”

A spokeswoman for Mr Nalder said he was unable to answer questions about Denny Avenue because he was on annual leave.

Main Roads WA did not respond before deadline.