Jarrahdale Outdoor Hub kicks off

Jarrahdale Outdoor Hub kicks off

The community wasted no time in familiarising themselves with the new space.

Last Thursday the Jarrahdale Community Collective joined with their funding partners and Jarrahdale locals to officially open the stage one works of the Outdoor Hub project at Bruno Gianatti Hall in Jarrahdale.

Jarrahdale prides itself on being a close-knit community that thrives on the interpersonal relationships between friends and neighbours. But with aspirations of Trail Town Accreditation, the locals are equally welcoming of visitors.

The Jarrahdale Outdoor Hub is the perfect space to marry the needs of the community, the JCC and its regular activities and feature events, and tourists looking for respite while taking in all the town has to offer.

“We acknowledged the tremendous contribution of Stacey Holmwood and Mandy Lloyd, who had the initial vision for the project and acquired the majority of the funding during their time as president and vice president of the JCC,” current JCC president Raoul Temme said.

“Whilst the final result was not without some compromise, we believe we have laid the foundations for a great public space that will serve the community well for many years. “Future stages of this project will continue the revitalisation of the space.

“With further improvements yet to be funded, the Jarrahdale community with have ample opportunity to assist with this vision.”

Members of the Jarrahdale Volunteer Bushfire Brigade cooked up a storm at the launch event.