In the eye of the beholder

In the eye of the beholder

Local photographer Mark Eatwell. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.

An interest in photographing the natural beauty of the nearby flora and fauna has led to one local photographer getting his work published worldwide on various websites, magazines and advertising campaigns.

Mark Eatwell started taking photographs five years ago in the Bedfordale area when he was out and about on walks through Wungong Gorge and Bungendore Park.

“One day I saw a flash of blue and managed to photograph this tiny, bright blue bird that I had never seen before,” he said.

“A friend suggested that I post the photo on the West Australian Birds Facebook page to see if someone could tell me what it was.”

In the months and years that followed Mr Eatwell said he began to notice more and more of them and started to imitate their call to get them to come closer to his lens.

His photographs and videos of the wrens have been shared worldwide, appearing on the cover of Aviary Life magazine and in the Birdlife Australia 2019 calendar.

They have also been picked up by Australian Geographic and will soon appear on the walls of many local homes next year in the Bedfordale calendar.

Mr Eatwell said the Bedfordale calendar aimed to showcase the beauty of the local area each year.

“I am overwhelmed by the response by so many people from so many places that say they enjoy my photography,” he said.

“I love the fact that people have told me that they have shown my photos and videos to family and friends in hospital who say they have brightened their day.”

Profits from the sale of the calendar will go back into the provision of community-based activities and entertainment at the Bedfordale Bush Market.

One of Mark Eatwell’s splendid fairy wren photographs.