‘I’m not asking for a miracle’

‘I’m not asking for a miracle’

Byford resident Ron Holmes. Photograph – Richard Polden.

A stalwart of the Byford community, resident Ron Holmes, has seen many people walk up and down his suburban street for the past 50 years.

For years Mr Holmes has scratched his head at the absence of a footpath along Linton and Shelley streets and has now put forward a petition to council with the support of 98 members of his local community.

The petition, which was presented to Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire on Monday night, asks that the council consider constructing a dual use path to allow residents, children and parents to access the footpath on Helen Crescent via Shelley Street and to assure residents are kept safe when walking along Linton Street to get to the nearby Byford and Districts Country Club and the Scout Hall.

Mr Holmes told The Examiner he first started his campaign for a footpath back in 2013.

“I got a reply from the council back then that they may not have the funds to put in a footpath but they may be able to do it in 2017,” he said.

He then waited the suggested four-year period before calling and writing to the Shire again in the hope of the footpath being installed.

This year Mr Holmes said he spoke to councillor Rob Coales who suggested he put together a petition and submit it to council.

“Between doorstops I had motorists stop and complain to me about the children on the road,” he said.

“I am not asking for miracles, only a footpath… it needs to be made safe for kids to ride their scooters and bikes, people walking their dogs and families pushing prams.”

Resident Caitlin Hansen, who frequently walks along Linton and Shelley streets, said the footpath would be a wonderful addition to the road network.

“It is a bit dangerous crossing through there and with the honkey nuts on the road it sometimes makes it difficult pushing the pram, especially up hill,” she said.