Greg is ready to unveil his beasts

Greg is ready to unveil his beasts

Greg Molloy with his piece Fiend, which will be on display at Sculpture at Bathers.

St James sculptor Greg Molloy is taking his work to the next level; with his piece Fiend featuring at Sculpture At Bathers until March 7.

A sculptor since 2014, when he started university, the 28-year-old said he was inspired by game design and making characters.

“I’ve always been into game design and making characters, and I was interested in filmmaking so I did a lot of stop-motion short films,” he said.

“Then I just upscaled and went in to sculpture, basing it on characters from my own drawings.”

Molloy said Fiend is part of a series of sculptures called Beasts that combine all his skills acquired over the last couple of years.

“It’s the largest sculpture I’ve made to date, it’s well over 300 kilograms of steel.

“It took a lot of manpower and a trailer to get it down to bathers.”

Its description in the official Sculpture at Bathers guide probably describes Fiend best.

“This large, part-interactive, kinetic, quadrupedal sculpture belongs to an ongoing series of sculptures called Beasts which are a hybridisation of all the skills in Molloy’s practice,” the guide reads.

“Industrial furniture fabrication, stop motion puppet armatures, anatomy studies and musical instruments making are combined in this piece.

“Each work in the Beast series is a kinetic sonic sculpture that produces its own sound from within its body, unique to the shape and instruments inside.”

Molloy said Fiend was his first attempt at public work, and he was aiming for a career in sculpting.

“I’ve got a day job, but I’m just trying to become an artist and make a living out of it, public display is the next step in that.”