Four decades of celebrations for local kindergarten

Four decades of celebrations for local kindergarten

Byford Community Kindergarten 2018 committee members Karlee Miller, Hope Palmer, Jade Bickley-Tyler, Kelly Trent and Rebecca Watson. Photograph - Aaron Van Rongen.

The 40-year journey of a kindergarten was celebrated last weekend as past members and the current committee came together to applaud its achievements. 

The Byford Community Kindergarten hosted a wine and cheese night for a strong crowd, which featured photographs of past classes and speeches from past and present members. 

President Rebecca Watson said the organisation had been through many good times and bad over its 40-year history including its current fight against ‘bureaucratic red tape’ with necessary Department of Fire and Emergency Services bushfire management plans and legislative changes with the Department of Education.

“The committee this year has been fantastic and we wouldn’t have survived without them,” she said. 

“We are looking to create a nature play space for the future children and are also looking to install new equipment next year once the Department of Education confirms we will be open for business.” 

Ms Watson said the biggest joy she had was seeing second-generation children come through the centre. 

“They want their children to come to us because of the memories they had at the centre,” she said. 

“We have survived 40 years because we get the big things right. 

“We embrace technology where necessary but we are always focused on learning through play.” 

Photographs – Aaron Van Rongen.