Former PM takes a walk on Jull St

Former PM takes a walk on Jull St

Former prime minister John Howard meets locals on Wednesday morning. Photograph — Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne.

Armadale shoppers had a shock on Wednesday morning when they crossed paths with former prime minister John Howard.

Mr Howard visited Armadale Shopping City and the Jull Street Mall while on a whirlwind tour of WA to spruik the Liberal candidates Matt O’Sullivan and Ken Wyatt in the marginal seats of Burt and Hasluck.

His 76 years of age didn’t seem to show as he confidently spoke to passers by, patted dogs and said hello to babies.

He said while politics shouldn’t be taken for granted he believed the Liberal party would win this Saturday.

“You never take anything for granted in politics and that applies to this campaign,” he said.

“It is a campaign that I think the Liberal party will win. I don’t find any anger in the streets, I don’t find people desperate to throw the government out.

“I find people, if anything, a little weary of the length of the campaign but nonetheless they’re starting to come to the conclusion that in the difficult world economic environment it’s better to stick with the proven people who have better track record on economic management than the alternative.”

He said unemployment was a huge issue for Burt and Mr O’Sullivan had the skills to address that.