Fifty-year-old tree faces execution

Fifty-year-old tree faces execution

This mature rose gum is due to be cut down.

A mature tree in Matison Street, Southern River, is about to be cut down by Gosnells Council within four weeks, due to the development of the Southern River Business Park.

The rose gum is about 50 years old and 30m high.

The council says it is not a local tree, has no environmental value and is situated where a side road is needed for the business park.

“Local residents are very, very concerned, not only with the impact on the environment, but this tree has been and could continue to be a huge attraction and benefit to any development if retained and used in the design – I am sure it could be – it is a wonderful tree,” Southern River resident Susan Game said.

“There is a huge amount of development by the City of Gosnells in this area and indescribable destruction of vegetation and habitat.

“The City of Gosnells say permissions granted, all care taken.

“So, money rules – never mind the climate change and protection of environment – this is a particularly sensitive area – swamp land.”

Ms Game said the council hadn’t advised her how much it will cost to remove the tree.

The 51-lot Southern River Business Park represents the culmination of two decades of planning by the City of Gosnells and is the largest commercial development undertaken by the city to date.
The land used to create the business park is owned by the city and zoned for commercial and light industrial purposes.

It is due to be completed in early 2025.