Family’s tragedy a warning to pet owners

Family’s tragedy a warning to pet owners


A tragic incident has left a family in shock and cautioning others to be wary of snakes that are out and about as Spring continues.

His owner found Louie the Dachshund struggling from a snake bite, when she came home from work last Thursday, September 30.

After rushing Louie to a vet in The Glades, they quickly did a snake detection test before administering two vials of anti-venom over a three-hour period with no luck.

The vet performed heart compressions and had little Louie on a ventilator, but sadly he passed away from the injury, leaving a huge loss in the family.

According to Animal Ark, snakes bite hundreds of dogs every year and unfortunately many dogs die from the bite.

Anti-venom also does not come cheap, which can leave families with costs of thousands of dollars for the treatment.

Snake avoidance training is available, and is recommended by professionals but it is important owners are still vigilant.

Avoidance training teaches dogs that close proximity to certain objects, in this case it would be a snake, will be unpleasant and creates a negative association.

This teaches dogs to make their own decision to avoid snakes and the unpleasant interaction in the future.

Whilst in Louie’s case, the situation was not avoidable his family are urging people to take any precautions they can when it comes to their dogs and snakes.