Eyesore on a Kelmscott street

Eyesore on a Kelmscott street

Numerous complaints have been received about the rubbish outside this Mountain View property. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.

A Kelmscott property littered with household rubbish, overflowing shopping trolleys and stacks of tyres will likely be cleaned up with the City of Armadale working with the tenant and property manager to fix the issue. 

The property on Mountain View has been reported to the city on a number of occasions since April 2018. 

Acting chief executive Jason Lyon said under the Local Government Act 1995 the city has the power to issue the owner of a property with notices to clean it up. 

“The current state of the property at this point in time is not consistent with the general appearance of other properties within this street,” he said. 

“The city has been in discussion with the tenant and property management to rectify these issues.” 

Armadale Police Senior Sergeant Troy Douglas said officers had previously received numerous calls relating to the property. 

He said there were issues with rubbish and household items on the roadside were referred to the city for their information and action. 

Photographs – Aaron Van Rongen