Escapees soon to be taken care of

Escapees soon to be taken care of

The new area includes three separate exercise areas for different sized dogs.

The new enclosed dog exercise area at John Dunn Memorial Park will be upgraded within weeks to ensure small dogs cannot escape.

On March 16 the .51 hectare site at the rear of John Dunn Memorial Park opened its separate enclosed small, medium and large dog exercise areas to the public.

However within days one resident had complained their small dog had been able to squeeze between the bars of the 1.5-metre tall fence and out of the area.

City of Armadale mayor Henry Zelones confirmed that it had investigated the matter and would install barriers onto the fence to prevent this happening next month.

“Smaller mesh panelling is to be attached to the perimeter fencing for the small dog area only,” he said.

“It is anticipated this will be installed by late May 2018.”

Mr Zelones also addressed separate queries regarding the size of each enclosure, which gives greater space to medium sized dogs than to large or small dogs.

“The medium dog area was designed as the largest area as there are more medium breeds registered in the city like kelpies, border collies et cetera than larger breeds,” he said.