Dugite warning

Dugite warning


An influx of dugite sightings has kept reptile relocators busy over February as dugite-hatching season has begun.

Hatching season occurs around February and March each year, but according to Armadale Reptile Centre earlier hatchings can occur if females lay at an earlier time.

Members of the surrounding communities are sharing photos as they find snakes in their homes.

Owner of Armadale Reptile Centre Mieke Gaikhorst said if people find a snake or reptile in their yard, it is important to keep an eye on the reptile.

“Ring a reptile remover and continue watching from a safe distance,” she said.

“To find a reptile remover, simply go to Snake relocations, Reptile Removers of the Perth area or ring the Armadale Reptile Centre for numbers.”

When reptiles are relocated, they are moved to areas away from houses or areas that are populated.
These areas can include outer bushland areas, national parks and the back of dams where there is water.

Small snakes can enter homes under doors, in particular laundry doors as there is often a gap.

Ms Gaikhorst said it is important to check the gaps under doors and if a finger can fit underneath, then a small snake can.

“Flywire doors that have rips or holes can also let reptiles into the home, dog or cat doors that don’t close properly is also an access area for them,” she said.

“Fix up any holes in the flywire, make sure the doggy or cat doors close tightly without leaving a gap.

“Any door left open is also an access. Ensure all doors are properly closed.”

Reptiles often flick their tongues as they realise they have made a mistake and retrace where they entered.

According to Ms Gaikhorst it is important for residents to be aware of wildlife in their surrounding area and being educated on their behaviour and characteristics.

“Identification is also important, as there are a number of harmless snakes that also live under the soil,” she said.

“Snakes do not want to interact with humans and are therefore, very shy and will try to get away as quickly as they can.

“Clean up your backyards so it becomes unattractive for the reptiles to stay, try and keep the rodent populations down and keep the long grasses under control.”