Drum fun

Drum fun

Family fun drums coordinator Anna Amhrose (top left) drumming along with program participants. Photograph – Matt Devlin.

For the past four weeks families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds have been using drums to build relationships with the wider community.

The Armadale Community Family Centre’s family fun drums has brought four local CALD families together in the last four Wednesdays to learn drum beats and talk about their cultures.

Coordinator Anna Amhrose said the sessions had given the families a chance to talk about their culture and connect with children and others in a unique way.

“We’ve been doing drumming rhythms and the families get to perform a song so that’s getting families to work together and have fun together,” she said.

“The women have been able to talk about stories from their culture in terms of how their drums were used so it was interesting to get that kind of perspective and for the kids’ perspective as well.

“The kids are hearing their mums talk about how the drums are used in their home country so its connecting kids with their culture and they all get to the learn about the differences and commonalities.”

She said making music and having fun together was a great way for families to grow close and get involved in the community, which could sometimes be daunting for people from CALD backgrounds.

“There was a bit of socialisation,” she said.

“Some friendships have been formed so they’re catching up outside of the group.”

Nine-year-old participant Sri Durka Amiksa said being involved in the program made her ‘happy, happy, happy.’

The program was funded through the Stockland grants program and Ms Amhrose said they were calling for more sponsors to continue the program again and expand it for more families.

For more information call Ms Amhrose on 0424 980 878.